[Pro] Smooth Scrolling in either direction

My plan is to build a website that is oversized (much bigger than any screen).
The navigation is done by scrolling to anchors.
And than not snapping to the anchor but with the smooth scroll-effect.

With the mootools it works perfect, but i also want to use the scriptaculous caroussel in one or more places.

When i use the action SmoothScroll it only works vertically, or after some adaptions i found on freewaytalk, horizontally. But not in both directions at the same time.

Is my idea doable with some small adaptions and prototype or do i have
to build it in tekstwrangler?

I made 2 (small) examples:
1: http://db0nline.home.xs4all.nl/SmoothScroll/Proto/
2: http://db0nline.home.xs4all.nl/SmoothScroll/Moo/

Many thanks



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