[Pro] Suggestion idea needed for this page with tables


I am redoing a page of my site and am in need of a suggestion to do it best:

-I put the answers to pages of a math workbook in a table for my students about once a month.
-Instead of putting all the answers there, I put only the answers in a chart that they have that month
-my old site (as you will see), has it where I made a table with answers, then made a new table above this one for each new month. THis works ok but is sloppy and next year will be a problem becuase the 1st table will be at the bottom.

you can see the old (current) format here …


Can you suggest a better/newer way?

One idea I had was to make tabs for each month (or quiz) and use TABS AREA action. When kids hit quiz 1 tab, the answers appear in a table that I want to show, hit tab 2 and answers new table of answers appear in table, I could “turn off” other tabs when I do not want them to access it.

Thanks for any input.


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