[Pro] SuiteFX Module Confusion

I sincerely appreciate your reply, Paul. But I am still confused about some things that you did not mention (nor does the manual mention), so those questions in my original post stand open for those who can answer them.

Please know that I conducted a search here for “SuiteFX” and “MooTools” to read up on both prior to creating this thread. It appears that the last time Walter Davis and others discuss this was back in February of this year. I didn’t find the post from Weaver that you spoke of, however.

I am well aware that MooTools came first and then was succeeded by SuiteFX to be compatible with Scriptaculous. But I was not aware SuiteFX is now End-Of-Life by its author, as your post suggests. If that is true, I see no reason for me to spend further time trying to figure out using it. But is it really confirmed that SuiteFX is no longer being supported or worked on?


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