[Pro] thumbs in mal's e-commerce shopping cart

I am using Mal’s e-commerce shopping cart with freeway pro and it works smoothly. The only problem I have, is that I am unable to get the shopping cart to show thumbs of the goods (unfortunately that is the only part not described anywhere in freeway manuals/extensions).
Obviously I have no idea about HTML programming (that’s why I use freeway), therefore I have no idea which code I need to enter where in freeway, to enable Mal’s e-commerce to show the thumbs…
Of course I already indicated the folder to look for thumbs , in Mal’s e-commerce settings, which is the “resources” folder in freeway, right ?! (http://www.XXXX.de/html/resources/) .
I also uploaded the files in Mal’s Image library but it does not help.
Anyone here to help me with that ?
Shouldn’t there be an easy way with freeway pro ?
Thanks in advance

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