[Pro] VERY STRANGE problem (not FW related)


I have a very strange thing happening that is not related to FW at all but I did not know who else to ask.

I have a .pdf document that I marked up a lot with Adobe acrobat and saved the file. I saved the new .pdf with the markups and sent it as a link to my students as it has the answers.

When I pull it up on my laptop and Android phone, the document comes up and you see the answers.

I also put a watermark on there that says ANSWERS…

Here is the weirdest part.

a student emailed me (and I confirmed) that when this same exact .pdf was opened on their Iphone, the .pdf doc did open and the word ANSWERS of the watermark was there, BUT NONE of the answers are there at all. This includes places I hi-lited and places I marked up with a pen. Have not checked ipad yet.

Does anyone have any clue at all why on the iphone the .ppf would not show the markups??

THANKS so much

it is a very big .pdf



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