[Pro] Video thoughts ?

Hi All,

its been a longtime ! so much so ive just upgraded to pro 7 and massive difference from 6.1 which i was using,

Heres my Q if i may !

I set up a simple but effective way of linking dropbox via

open new window, video plays and the height/width is set via FWpro,

now, my dropbox has expired and i now have gmail (via work) and gdrive which has loads of space and isnt costing me a penny !

heres the thing,

rather than have a “open new window” situation can i not just have an embedded link which pulls video from my gdrive link i tell it too ?

further to this, i remember there was a while back (possibly 4 years ago) which was almost like a carousel gallery is there something similar for videos ?

or is there a way of having a master viewing window embeded in the centre of the page, and if i was to click an thumbnail it opens the video in the master window ???


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