[Pro] WebYep Hight Can't Shring

I’m trying to build a mobile wedsite and am fighting with responsive bits.

Got a few bits sorted using 100% widths and non-layer HTML boxes and ticking Height can shrink options.

But I have two problems that I can get my head around.

Showcase gallery won’t shufle the thumbs around so I end up with a really long thin page of photos when in horizontal view.

…but more importantly, I can’t get the WebYep to shrink even using the nonlayerd option. This means that in horizontal view I get a huge blank space at the botom of the text.

I’m still very much a novice at web design and FW5.5 but will happily follow instructins!!

Thanks all … here’s the site. - don’t laugh at it… it’s not live yet!! ;0)


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