[Pro] Will pay for a FW Pro 6 tutor

Those of you who occasionally spot my posts in this forum know I’m currently hammered by time, which means an insufficient ability to wrap my head around some newer and important features of version 6. The forum is a fabulous resource, but sort of hit and miss for my current needs.

I’m looking for an experienced U.S.-based Freeway Pro 6 user who could work with me via phone chats or whatever other way might be manageable. (I’d happily go for out-of-country tutors if not for the time difference.)

I have a new full-time job, although I work the majority of it from my home office in Florida. Website design is NOT the largest component of the job, but it is an important part of it and I’d really like to nail the basics of version 6 on some areas I know must be fundamental but I’m not grasping well.

If interested, please email me at email@hidden with a quote. I’m not sure how long I’d need help or to what degree, but I know there are amazing people on this forum who would be astonishing short-term partners in my learning curve.


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