[Pro] XML integration

I built a site for a hotel some time ago (FW 6 non responsive)

A company has now asked me to install the following XML files which deal with client feedback and ratings.
I can see I need to create dedicated pages (html ? php? ) But what next ?
Can any one offer guidance and how this should be done.? I am guessing I should be looking HTML Mark up and Markup items. Or uploading a text file direct to the root folder ( similar to the sitemap.xml ?)
Here is the mail - translated by me from French

Our common customer, Relais Douce France, would like you to integrate customer opinions in XML on its website for a better SEO.
It can display Customer Alliance notices and / or give an overview of satisfaction ratings on external portals. You will find attached the technical documents for these two links or you can consult our help site for XML here https://customer-alliance.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CAA/overview

	XML Feed (CA statistics + reviews):
	XML statistics (CA + external portals):

Here are some examples of websites with different XML integrations:

Any guidance will be gratefully received


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