[Pro] Z-axis and responsive design


I used a google map action on the page above and when scrolling down the page, the maps go over the menu at the top. I had this problem trying to put an anchor in an inflow item as a layer-it caused the whole element to be above the menu. I solved that by putting an empty .gif in with the text of that element and making that the anchor, and that’s what I did with the maps. They’re in with the text, not as a layer.

Interestingly I did not have that problem when I was using the Backdraft templates, but had to abandon those because I kept getting all kinds of random style changes. Therefore I know there’s something that can be done to prevent the z-axis shift, but can’t figure it out.

The other reason I ask is that there’s a cool graphic thing you can do by putting a same-size SVG image of some text over a background image, and I’d like to be able to use that that again outside of Backdraft pages.

I appreciate all the help I’ve received over the years I’ve been learning Freeway, so thanks to Walt, Dave, Tim, and others who’ve been kind enough to share their expertise.



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