Problem with a lightbox in freeway

Hallo, I have build a testsite with Freeway with CSS and Javascript using the lightbox effect of presenting photos, videos and other media. The script you will find for the lightwindow ( ). Now, all is fine on the Mac, Firefox on PC also, but the IE 6 + 7 makes problems with the dark screen - please look for, go to “video” in the main menu and click on the little icon of video - you will see the effect. But on a PC with IE 6 + 7 the dark screen only fills the browser windows dimension, not the whole site … if you are scrolling down, you will see the dark screen cut away.
Has anybody an idea for a solution? Thanks for help!

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Hi, the code is ok. I have found a small part in the html-code produced on each page by freeway itself.
There is a Div called “pageDiv” with a “width 100%”. If I cancel the “100%” and use the correct high of the page in pixel for example “1200px”, then IE´s function is ok.
Why that?? And how can I change the code of freeway on each page without opening every page in dreamweaver to correct it and after saving in freeway everything is like before???