Problematic Uploads

Have the same problem as Mr worm, the Freeway Pro 7 file update (FTP) uploads flawlessly, but the A2v server does not show the updates, the site remains untouched. I always check save log for all the updates.
Per your advise, looked for the Freeway log in the Mac Library log folder, but it does not exist. Where else could the Freeway logs be ?

Hi Jorge,

If you’ve checked the Save Log checkbox, the log should be in the Logs folder in your user Library folder (note that there are other Library folders such as the system Library folder). To get to that folder you can hold down the Option key while opening the Go menu in the Finder, then navigate to Library, Logs, Freeway Pro, and FTP Logs. Alternatively, copy the following path, choose Go to Folder… from the Go menu in the Finder and paste it there:

~/Library/Logs/Freeway Pro/FTP Logs

Thank you Jeremy,

Found the latest log attempt and will send it to Softpress support for review.

Mos appreciative,


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That worked fine, I sent to support the latest log that failed to appear on the server.

Hi Jorge,

The log indicates that the site was uploaded without any problems. The files are being uploaded to /public_html/, but it seems that you don’t see any changes when you visit . It’s possible that you are seeing an old version of the site because it is being cached by your browser or by your ISP. Try clearing your browser cache and see if that makes a difference: in Safari, hold down the Option key and choose Reload Page from Origin from the View menu.

If that doesn’t help, contact your web host and ask them why the site isn’t being updated.

If I visit, I see a version of the website. Is that what you are expecting to see?

If so, it might be that you are uploading to /public_html/ but should be uploading to /public_html.

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Fantastic Simon !
You found the fallacy, thank you so very much.