Problems with special characters

Following on from the previous Libraries thread, Dingbat and Fleuron fonts are a useful source of clip art, but the only way of accessing them is via the Character Palette, which can be time-consuming. Having found the design, the font character can be dragged into Intaglio, copied to the Library and used in future projects.

Accessing font characters from the Library is great—it’s much easier. The problem is, only some characters can be accessed—seemingly the ones with Unicodes. Characters with GID numbers can’t be accessed at all—at least not directly.

The workaround is to set the text in another program, save as a PDF and drag that into Intaglio, but I’ve only found 2 programs that can do this reliably. Some programs can access the special characters, but PDFs don’t translate correctly when opened in Intaglio—the characters display as normal text or oblong boxes.

There can also be problems inserting the characters. In the other programs, characters are inserted by double-clicking in the Character Palette, but in Intaglio, you drag characters from the C.P. into the document. It’s a different way, but Intaglio sometimes displays an error message 3 or 4 times and then the character appears! It’s very strange and consistency with the other programs would be welcome.

(Intaglio 2.9.8 with OS 10.4.11.)

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