Published page doesn't match the Preview

The attached screenshots explain my problem, one not encountered with the earlier versions of Exhibeo. The Xway Preview is what I want. What I get when I upload the images and the page test. I’ve had numerous attempts at this.
Any ideas?

For the settings in Exhibeo that should get the result I think you want, you would need:
Images: Background: Opacity = 0
Controls: Background: Color = black
Controls: Background: Opacity = 0.5 to 0.7

When I was looking at this yesterday, I was seeing a lot of connection errors and missing files, sometimes not being able to load the page at all. Perhaps that was related, perhaps not.

Another possibility is caching of the CSS, whether that be by your browser or with your hosting provider. Always viewing the page from a new private window should at least rule out browser caching while you’re changing settings.

We’ve tried reproducing the problem and haven’t been able to, viewing the gallery in various ways always produced results consistent with the settings in the Exhibeo document. When I viewed your test page for the first time yesterday, the CSS corresponding to the settings in Exhibeo matched your wrong screenshot.

My suspicion is that what you’re seeing in Xway is the gallery as it is but after uploading, you’re seeing the gallery with cached CSS from a previous upload. It’s likely this will resolve itself after some amount of time or there may be a way to immediately clear the cache with your hosting provider.

Thanks for your suggestions Simon. Viewing in a private window doesn’t alter anything, neither does trying different browsers. It’s strange, as I’ve several similar slideshows scattered around my sites and usually don’t have a problem. I’ll have to investigate further!

Problem sorted! I’d forgotten that the CSS folder had to be uploaded. Having done that and cleared out surplus files, the slideshow works.
That was the beauty of Freeway with its Upload feature.

Hi Geoff,

We are working on upload in Xway.

Most third-party apps have a synchronise command that will synchronise a local folder with an online folder. That’s easier than uploading manually. There is some information on this in the Xway User Guide.