Quality of images is very poor in Exhibeo

Is there anyway of improving the quality of the images in exhibeo. Just trying to put together a simple slideshow with the slide theme. The pass through option is greyed out and the quality of the images when previewed through Xway is very poor. Original images that are imported are 1200px by 600px

Hi Martin,

I think that the pass-through option is disabled for the Slide theme because it trims or pads images so that they fit the size of the slideshow.

What you can do to improve the quality of the imags is to display them at 144 dpi (high resolution) instead of 72 dpi (low resolution). There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this in Exhibeo, but if you have imported a Slide component in Xway, and the original image is 1200px wide, you can set the width of the component to be 600px in Xway. Alternatively, if you want the slideshow to be 1200px wide, you can import images that are 2400px wide and set the slideshow to be 1200px wide in Xway.

Actually, it’s better to set a maximum width (that is half the image width) rather than an actual width, because this allows slideshows to be smaller than that on small devices. If the original image is 1200px wide, you can set the maximum width of the component to be 600px in Xway.

You can avoid having Exhibeo scale images in the Slide theme by using images that are all the same size, and by setting the same size in the Images section of the Customise Theme panel. If your original images are 1200 by 600 (at 72 dpi), set this as the size in Exhibeo. If you use original images that are larger than this (e.g. 2400 by 1200), adjust the size in Exhibeo accordingly.

This should give you sharper images on a high-resolution display (most modern displays).


Hi Jeremy
Thanks for the reply. Tried a variety of different ways and resolutions. Largest size exhibeo excepts is 2000px anyway. Looks Ok in Exhibeo but after export it is not good enough to use.

Never mind have to consider something else!

I can see some slight differences if I look really closely…

You could actually use the original images with a bit of extra work:

  1. Open the exported component (Control-click on it in the Finder and choose Show Package Contents)
  2. Open the Resources folder
  3. Replace each image with the equivalent original image: copy the new image name (select the new image, press Return, Copy), then delete the new image, then replace it with the original image, then paste the new image name onto the original image (select the original image, press Return, Paste).

I think the original images would have to be the same size as the new images for this to work.

Thanks that worked great.