Randomize Video Selection

I posted this in the main FW area, but since the solutions doesn’t need to be in FW or even web based, I figured I re=post here.

Hey, gang!

Haven’t been on here for a very long time. Kind of been out of the web design business. But I have a question…

Is there a way to have videos (mp4s) randomized when a certain folder is accessed? And, have selections chosen from specific folders?

For instance…a person pics a folder. Videos are randomly displayed from that folder. Or, they want videos randomly selected from two of the three folders only. Maybe choose a radio button or something.

This will not reside on the web. It would be accessed from an iPad or computer.

I know this sounds a little confusing. I can try to clarify if need be.

As I said, I’ve been out of the loop for a while, so any help would be appreciated.



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