RE: Desperate for help with rollovers

  1. I go back in (as the tutorial says to, and lock each individual item in the rollover group.

Could you point me to this tutorial? I really don’t see why you should lock items. That does nothing to the output, it just prevents accidental repositioning on the page. And makes it harder to reposition on purpose, too.

Try doing this:

  1. Yes, zero. Make sure the CSS button in the toolbar is set to CSS Layout, NOT Table Layout. You can work in either mode, but the workflow is partially different. Do it this way.

  2. Now make your first graphic rectangle, colour it as required, give it some text, whatever.

  3. Duplicate it, with zero for both offsets so the copy is in exactly the same place.

  4. Edit the new item as required (colour, text, etc.).

  5. Select both items and group them together.

Now comes the part where you need to be particularly sure you know what you have selected.

  1. With the group object selected - NOT either of the items within the group - choose Item > Actions > Rollover. (Do NOT apply the Rollover action to an item within the group.)
  2. Use the Actions palette to configure the Normal and Mouseover visibility states.
  3. If necessary, move the group into position. It can help to enlarge the group container a little so you can grab it (rather than things inside it) more easily.
  4. Use the Duplicate command with the appropriate offset values to create copies of your rollover button. (Alternatively, option-drag the group to create copies.)
  5. Configure each graphic within each group so it shows the right content - text, image, whatever.
  6. Select and configure each group’s rollover settings in turn.

I have no idea (because the tutorial does not say anything) abput the checks on combine graphics or combine children. Sometimes combine children is there; other times not.

I may be wrong, but it sounds to me like you have some things layered and others not. This isn’t wrong, but sticking to one - always layered or always not - will make your life simpler. I suggest that you try sticking to layered for now. See how this goes.

Oh, and always be sure you know what you have selected, the group container or an item within the group, before you do anything.


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