RE: [Pro] PNG loses transparency on import

When I ran though the tutorial this kind of stuff worked fine with the included graphics, but when I drag (or otherwise import) my own I get a white background instead of the transparency I need.

Do you know that you can use any image format for the import? Freeway is as happy to read native Photoshop and Illustrator files as anything else.

When you publish from your Freeway document the images in your pages are output as JPEGs, GIFs or, perhaps, PNGs. But it really doesn’t matter what format they are when you import the images in the first place.

So - JPEG, which is the default output format for full-colour images, doesn’t support transparency. In the Inspector palette, third icon along, you can change an image’s output format to something that supports transparency.
GIF does 1-bit transparency - which is pretty crude at times. For 8-bit alpha-channel transparency of the kid you see in your PNG original… choose PNG for the output format, and then set the Colors choice to Millions.


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