Replacement actions that work in responsive designs

Hello all,
Just a small query regards whether there are any alternative methods to achieve the simple effects of the freeway transition actions found in Freeway 7 (and also in earlier versions to of course)?

I have used these at various points in sites but realise that they do not work in responsive designs as the actions cannot be applied to inline items.

They were a useful tool in non responsive sites and as I update some sites to responsive then some people ask if its possible to have the same effects on a page.

Thanks for any insights or info.

Hi Tonzodehoo,

Are you talking about the Transition FX Action?

I think this can be applied to inflow items, so long as they are CSS items (make sure the CSS checkbox is turned on in the Inspector palette). I haven’t had much success with the “Fade” effect (with inflow or layer items) but perhaps I’m misunderstanding what this is supposed to do. The other effects seem to work for me: e.g. On Page Load, Appear, Initially Hidden, Duration 4, Delay 1 causes a coloured inflow box to gradually become visible.

Otherwise, what effects are you trying to achieve?

Hello Jeremey,

Happy New Year to you! Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Hope you had a pleasant break.

I realise that the Transition FX actions still function after all! I think I may have been a bit muddle headed! Sorry about that!
It was the move action that I was looking to use but realise that it can’t be applied to an inline as far as I can see. I shall do some tests on what I hope to achieve and hopefully find a suitable compromise.

Thanks for your time and patience.

The Move Layer Action requires an item to be a “layer” (absolute-positioned item).

It’s worth noting that you can insert a “layer” within an inflow item, in which case its position will be relative to the inflow item. You might find that this allows you to combine inflow layout (for flexibility on different devices) with absolute layout (movable items). Be careful to test this on different screen sizes.

Hullo again Jeremy,

Thanks again.

I shall try this out. I am just assessing the options before launching into an overhaul of a few old non responsive sites. Much to do.

Al the very best for now