Replacing flash audio tracks on pages

Hello again, Happy New Year to all!

I have some old pages with flash based audio tracks which of course no longer function. What is the best, easiest way to add a list of audio tracks to a page to allow the visitor to listen to individual tracks without leaving the page?

I should add that the audio tracks are self hosted. The site is html5. Importing the audio tracks to the page creates files which use the unsupported plugin which is flash based.

Apologies if it is obvious. I have searched the Talk and not found anything current. Makes me think it is obvious!

Any helpful direction is most welcome.

WAV or MP3 files (WAV is most compatible with as many browsers as you may find in use) can be placed on your page. First, make sure the page is set to HTML5 format in the Page Inspector. Then just drag the audio file into the page, either as a stand-alone object (in CSS layers mode) or as an inline element within an existing HTML box.

You should see a box appear on screen, at a default size (I forget what dimensions, something like 30px x 120px IIRC). This box will become a native player in the browser, and you can’t style it (easily). There are fancier audio players available, but they require some coding to integrate in Freeway.

If you click on that box, you should see some settings in the Inspector to allow you to choose which controls are shown, whether it should auto-play (just… don’t), etc.

Freeway should take care of the rest as far as uploading the file goes.


Hi Tonzodehoo,

You can import audio tracks directly within Freeway. Make sure that your page/document is set to HTML5, so that Freeway uses HTML5 audio rather than QuickTime (I see that Walter has just answered this while I was typing).

Personally, I would choose mp3 or mp4 over wav, because wav files are uncompressed (larger).

Another possible option might be to use an iframe that contains a YouTube playlist or something similar.

Hullo Walter and Jeremy,

Thanks for this. Much appreciated.

Now that you both mention it…Maybe I’m not fully engaged with the new year! How could I not remember this!?

I’m sure I have done this before! I shall try not to have an existential crisis over this bt feel like I’ve been here before with this. Think I’ll go for a lie down! If I had a dog I’m sure it would be barking at me just now!

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Thanks again