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We haven’t had any reports about Resample All not working. It seems to work fine for me (under Mojave).

There is a separate Update All button, which doesn’t always do anything (if images don’t need to be updated).


On 22 Oct 2019, at 13:49, Jane Davies via freewaytalk email@hidden wrote:

BTW; one v quick Q (which isn’t to do with this thread, granted…) I’ve encountered a small bug; I’m working round it but thought you’d like to know.
When using the Resources panel to resample resources/files, there is a button there marked “Resample All” which I have always used successfully when my upload file is getting large. Since some recent software change the Resample All button doesn’t work. I’m getting round it by selecting each line individually, clicking edit/resample, and doing it a line at a time from the most recently element and working upwards through the list.

Does the job but it is a bit of a Chore.

Has anyone else reported this?

(Am using FW Pro 7.1.4(7070) running on OSX 10.12.6)

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