'Resource Cannot Be Found' alert on publish

The following message may appear on publish:

" RESOURCE CANNOT BE FOUND. The following resources cannot be found.
The file Path:To:File:filename.jpg for this graphic cannot be found. The preview image will be used instead (output quality may be lower). "

This will occur if the original resource file (ie, the file originally imported into Freeway) has been moved to a different location on your hard disk or might have been deleted altogether.

If this isn't resolved, a optimized image that Freeway created when the file was last published (which will be of a lower quality) will be displayed instead.

This might not be too much of an issue, but if you then go back to your page at a later date and increase the physical size of the item, Freeway won't then be able to refer back to the original resource file and re-create a new optimized version which takes into account the file's new, enlarged size. This will result in a poorer quality image (because you are essentially enlarging an image previously optimized to a smaller size), which is why Freeway has been written to always keep its links with the original resources.

If the image has simply been moved, click 'Edit Resources' from the message window (or Edit > Resources from the menu) and then select the missing image and 'Locate'. Browse to the location of the original image and choose. Repeat for other missing files.