Restricting image size

Apologies if this has been covered before, but I can’t find the settings that control how much an image is allowed to reduce in size before the desired minimum size is reached.
For example, on the Softpress home page, you have images representing the various software you support. When the page size is reduced, as on a phone etc, these images reduce in size but stop before they become unreadable (unlike the ‘hero’ image in the tutorial). What controls the size/
PS. I see you have hamburger menus on your site!

Hi Geoff,

You can set a minimum width in pixels if you want to prevent an image (or any other box) from shrinking beyond that amount. E.g. enter 200px as Minimum Width in the Min/Max Dimensions section of the Box Inspector. You don’t need to enter a minimum height, and it’s usually better if you don’t (CSS will preserve the image’s aspect ratio if you just set a minimum width).

The hamburger menu on our website was made in Freeway, using the CSS Menus Action. But the next version of Xway will have built-in support for hamburger menus.