Hi All,

I’m trying to create a set of 4 tabs down the side of a new site I’m building.

The tabs once hovered over have ‘lighter’ state, which in turn triggers a slave, which is also assigned to each of the 4 so that a small colored tab is also highlighted on the side of the particular tab respectively.

The states of the tabs are ‘Graphic’ items

However I also want to have text on each tab, which also triggers the slave and hover state for each tab.

I can achieve this if I make the text part of the graphical item, but I want the text to be HTML for SEO and ease of editability obviously.

The HTML ideally will also have 2 states, grey when inactive, and blue once rolled over. When rolled over the ‘lighter’ state is triggered and also the small colored slave tab on the side of the main tab.

I have it all working bar the html part. You can’t place html on a graphic item, therefore I have dropped a html item over the top and tried to apply a ‘text rollover’ action. This works but will only trigger the slave not the ‘lighter’ rollover, and only when ONLY the text is moused over and not the surrounding space on the tab that the html resides on???

Can anyone come up with a suggestion, PLEASE!!!

Basically I want a set of 4 tabs that are triggered not only by being rolled over but also the html within them. Both triggers 2 states.


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