Running Freeway in Other Languages

If you wish to run Freeway in a language other than the language your system is running, you can do this by changing the language settings for the application. The way the language selection works is that Freeway will run any enabled language that appears closest to the top of your system preference for languages.

For example, if your first three languages in the system preference were English, Japanese and Spanish in that order and you had English disabled within Freeway, Freeway will run in Japanese. If you then disabled Japanese in Freeway, it will run in Spanish or alternatively you can simply disable all but the language you wish to run Freeway in.

Leopard (10.5) or below

In Leopard or below this is very straightforward using the instructions below:
  1. Find the Freeway application in the Finder (probably in your Applications folder)
  2. Open the File menu and choose Get Info
  3. Expand the Languages section of the Info window
  4. Untick the languages you wish to disable

Snow Leopard (10.6) or above

In Snow Leopard Apple removed the ability to change languages for applications but it is still possible to do essentially the same thing that the Info window would be doing. This can be done by using the following revised instructions:
  1. Find the Freeway application in the Finder (probably in your Applications folder)
  2. Right click (or ctrl+click) on the application and choose Show Package Contents
  3. Navigate into Contents
  4. Create a new folder called "Resources Disabled" inside the Contents folder
  5. Navigate into Resources and note the folders such as "English.lproj"
  6. For each language you wish to disable, move the .lproj folder into the Resources Disabled folder created in step 4