Second navigation menu

When I use a secondary navigation menu and shrink the window, both hamburger menus appear but when I click on either one, it only shows the primary navigation menu. It should show the secondary navigation menu when I click on the second hamburger.

Do you have an example you could link to?


Hi Mark,

Xway doesn’t support multiple menu objects on a single page. It’s possible that we could add secondary menus in a future update.

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I am really loving b6 so far. I think I will be able to redo my website with just a few compromises. The first was to create a secondary menu like the ones in b5 and earlier, saving the hamburger menu for the main navigation menu. When I showed it to my tester and compared it to our current site which has multiple hamburger menus. He found that confusing and he and I preferred the standard b5 menus which can wrap for mobile devices. I read in a later post you may be doing a scrolling menu. That would be awesome. Anyway, I won’t be needing multiple hamburger menus anymore. Thanks for the response.