Semi OT - Transferring Domains

We are a publishing company and we’ve had auctioneers and realtors (often the same people as many auctioneers also sell realtors) that advertise in our print publications. A current auctioneer customer wants us to manage his website, since we already have the content from our print publications to keep his website current (his current provider is slow to update with new auction sale bills or his list of real estate for sale).

His current designer is using Microsoft Front Page and utilizing (AIT Domains) as the registrar and site host. I want to move the site to for the registrar and site host, using Freeway Pro for design. What all do I need to know to make the transfer? I’ve tried reading the FAQ’s at both spots and it looks like it could complicated real quick if one isn’t careful. When it comes to MX Records and DNS servers, I’m ignorant, but can follow instructions if they are spelled out exactly. We were given the FTP credentials from the current designer and have replaced the website with a Freeway designed on at its current home, but still want to move it to (I already have purchased an account fatcow). Will the current host need to change me to the Admin contact (that shows up in the WHOIS lookup)? I.E., how do I verify with AIT that I have a legitimate reason to transfer the domain and that I am working as an agent for the domain’s owner? The current Admin told me she has unlocked the domain and that I can begin transfer.


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