"Send Form" action

My ISP recently “upgraded” my service and now my Send Form is not working. I have not changed any settings at my end. When completing the form online (Contact - Daniel & Debbie's Genealogy) and clicking on the “Submit” button at the bottom, instead of taking the viewer to the “thank you” or “oops” page, it goes directly to a “Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

My ISP tells me it’s a “third party” (i.e., Freeway) problem. Appreciate any suggestions for a solution.

The 404 error says that a file cannot be found, implying that the PHP file for handling the form is missing. Your host could be blocking PHP and pretending the files are missing but it’s probably more likely that the file wasn’t migrated properly for some reason.

The first thing I would suggest trying is to upload your website as you would normally to ensure everything is present and in the correct places.

Simon – Thank you for the information. I ended up re-contacting the ISP and they told me with the “upgrade” that they were using PHP version 8.0 and that’s what caused the problem. They switched it back to version 7.4 and it works fine now. Appreciate your help!