Side by Side Boxes


I am attempting to have two boxes sit side by side, but the second box insists on dropping down instead of staying side by side. I have tried a lot of different settings inside the Box Inspector, but no luck yet.

What might I be missing to achieve this?

Thanks for any input.

Hi Blue Sea Monster,

This isn’t something that Xway supports natively yet, but you can use CSS Flexbox (via Extended Properties in Xway) to arrange boxes side by side.

See this thread:

(Search for “flexbox” after clicking on that link.)


Hello Jeremy,

FlexBox did the trick! Although my solution may not be perfect syntax, the result I was after, was achieved.
Studying the guide you linked to a bit more and a little more experience, might produce a cleaner or simpler solution, but it looks good for now.

Thanks for your time and link to the other discussion.