Site can't be opened

Hi there. I’ve just tried to open my website in Xway and I can’t - it says “The document can’t be opened. The file doesn’t exist”. But I can see the file - it’s 10.8mb, and other files are opening okay.

Have I done something wierd to my file/

Any help appreciated!

Hi Martin,

The first thing I would try is restarting your Mac.

How are you opening the file? Are you double-clicking on it, or are you opening it within Xway? Are you using Open Recent?

Hi Jeremy, thanks for getting back to me. I’ve restarted the computer but that file still doesn’t open. I tried ‘open recent’ then double clicking on the actual file, then control clicking and opening with Xway - none worked.

Thankfully I’ve just found an older version of the site i had saved, and it isn’t radically different, so I’ve managed to open that, and I’ll just update from that file.

Thanks for the reply.

I think this is a rare macOS problem rather than an Xway problem. I haven’t experienced it personally, but there are reports of similar issues with Pages and other applications. Another thing to try would be to move/copy the document to a different location and try opening it from there. Or duplicate the file in the Finder (File/Duplicate) and try opening the duplicate.

Where is the document located? Is it in your Documents folder, or on your Desktop, or in iCloud, or somewhere else?

Thanks Jeremy. It’s in a subfolder on my mac desktop. But I’ve got other xway files in there and they are working fine. It’s a strange one.

As I say it’s not an issue as I’ve discovered another, older file, which I’ve been able to upload.

I’m glad you’ve found a replacement file - but in case anyone else encounters this problem, I’ve read reports suggesting that booting in Safe Mode, and then opening the affected document, can fix this problem. You can reboot in normal mode after the document has opened.

It’s possible that this is a cache problem in the (macOS) Launch Services database.

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