Slides showing in triplicate

I have created an animation in Exhibeo 2 with about 10 slides.

I have sized the animation to 280 x 280 pixels in Exhibeo and selected the timed display option. Everything looked okay, so I then exported to Freeway.

In Freeway I selected Exhibeo import from the Actions menu, drew a box 280 x 280 pixels — the same size as my animation — then selected the file from Window>Actions window.

When I preview the page, three different slides are showing side by side. They are changing and moving through the sequence, but with three slides showing when there should only be one.

Any ideas?

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UPDATE: This now only seems to be happening on the first cycle, but it’s happening in Preview and when previewing in the web browsers.

I have also had to recreate some of the slides with different words on them, but it keeps defaulting to the original slides.

To remedy this I have tried resaving each slide with a different name and in a different folder.

I have deleted all versions of the animation previously created and emptied the trash before creating a brand new file with the new slides.

I have imported this new file into a brand new Freeway site.

But the animation still uses the slides I originally created, even though they don’t exist on the computer and even though the new animation previews in Exhibeo with the new slides before I export it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ve literally spent hours on this now!

Thanks in advance.

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