softpress site

The site has to be constructed well - which it is, it also has to feature technologies that FW users (of all abilities) can employ which it does. Website design is definitely not just about pretty looks, but more about content. Not just about beautiful photography and smooth running flash graphics (as a few sites posted have been!) but about standards and correctly structured pages. It’s all to easy to show off an amazing site, but when your customers ask how it was done it would be nice to say with your own products rather than someone elses and I dont mean that disrespectfully.

Softpress is a software development company and as such should have a site pushing those features. Currently I believe the site is only lacking a bit of refinement which can be addressed.

Out of all the sites that have been listed as possible ones to look at for ideas, I believe the is the only one that comes close so far. I think a few of my sites are nice, but wouldn’t offer them up as they are not appropriate for softpress.

Keep posting ideas but make sure they’re ones that will benefit a software development company and not a photographer / designer etc. because that’s not what softpress are.

Nathan Garner

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