Some videos have disappeared and slideshow displaying two-up


This is an old site that’s due to be replaced, but in the intervening few months it would be nice to get it working a little more like it should:

In narrower breakpoints the slideshow displays the following slide next to the existing one, making the window twice as wide. It displays fine in wider breakpoints, so assume it’s not an Exhibeo issue?

Also, the second and third video files have stopped displaying. The first one, as you can see is fine - strange because they all seem to be set-up the same.

Thanks in advance.

The theme uses extra frames before and after the current one for things like pre-loading the next image before animations and click/tap and dragging controls.

The theme adds CSS to use overflow: hidden for the top-most item of the slideshow which hides these extra frames. Freeway has added CSS which overrides this, using overflow: visible and causing the extra frames to be visible in that situation.

I can’t be sure where that is set. It might be that overflow is set to visible on the item or you might have CSS added elsewhere which targets #Slideshow. Finding that and removing the overflow or changing it to hidden will solve that issue.

For the two videos, they are using URLs that start with http://. As your website is served over HTTPS, browsers do not permit loading HTTP resources. Simply replacing http:// with https:// will fix the videos.

Brilliant. Thank you!