[Soon to be selling] Cherry G5

An early heads-up for anyone looking to buy a sweet and well cared for
used Mac. I’m posting here first because I like the FW community and
would prefer to sell to one of you before I put it up on eBay.

I plan on selling my very nice used Power Mac G5 “Cypher” in a month
or so after I get an Intel (I need one for application development).
This was the last model of G5 Power Macs (PPC) which was discontinued
in August 2006 though Apple still supports it. Works great and is in
beautiful (pampered) condition. Would make a wonderful dedicated
server or primary (or secondary) computer for those who don’t need an

I’ll be glad to provide additional info, specs etc. so contact me off-
list. See my FWTalk profile “Todd” for contact info (Skype and email).


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