Sorting imported images


I’m using a “Try” download of Exhibeo running on a Mac.

I dropped a folder of pictures in the import window which went OK. But the order is random. Is there a way to sort them? Filename, exif date, etc?

BR // Johan

There’s not currently any means of sorting images by criteria, just manually dragging them in the Images view. One way you can get things sorted, though it only works once at import time, is to use the import dialog in Exhibeo and select all the images rather than the parent folder.

With all the images selected before clicking Open, they will be imported in the order shown in the dialog so switching it to list view and sorting by one of the columns will affect the order. There are some extra columns available by right clicking on the list header but sadly exif date isn’t one of them.

Aha - I’ll try the selection at import - thanks!

BR // Johan

That worked well - thanks!

An other one: What is “Item ID” under “Document Settings”?


Item ID is the HTML ID of the container div used in the exported code and various CSS styles that reference it. If you export to Freeway or Xway, this gets overridden so it doesn’t matter what’s in there.

If you export to HTML, it may be necessary to change it to avoid conflicts or to fit a preferred naming style.

OK - that went above my head :slight_smile: but I suppose I can ignore it. I just want to place the generated html code on my site and link to it (index.html).

Is there a manual for Exhibeo - could not find one.

Final Q: May I control the width of a page that the thumbnails occupy? As now, it looks to “chubby” and not so stylish - I think…


Exhibeo uses app help pages so the manual can be found under the Help menu, then Exhibeo Help.

Most of the themes resize with the size of the parent so how you control the width will depend on what you use to edit your website. Essentially though, you can insert the generated code into an item (or element) on your website and then size that item as desired.

In Exhibeo, the parent fills the preview so you can see sizing behaviour by resizing the document window.

Thank you Simon!

Opps just one more: I could not for my life manage to understand how I could get som text like a title and a common description of the photos shown - but I start to understand that you haven’t aimed for an output that is necessarily complete for a web page to send out in the wild. One have to add this oneself using html etc. But for us coding limited persons it would have been nice with a few fields to add this kind of information (optional) - like on the page I link to below…

I think I will buy this application. It will replace Photojet that was stopped being developed and lost support in a Mac OS update which I do not run any longer. However I like its “photography” style look completely generated by Jetphoto (left column and all) - maybe you will add a more true light board / film style theme in the future? :slight_smile:

BR //

Titles and descriptions can be edited in the metadata view. How they are displayed varies between themes but they all display them when entered. With items selected, you can also use the filename or EXIF metadata for the title/description from the Image > Import Item Settings menu.

Thumblie, added to a page that creates the left column, is probably the closest theme to your example, however that theme doesn’t display the title with the thumbnail. We may add a theme of this nature or add options to Thumblie that allow it to behave like this in future. Our focus is currently on developing Xway though so Exhibeo is only seeing bug fixes for now.

OK - thanks for all your answers!