spacing within items

Can you give some general guidance on placing text and photos within an item? I want to have some paragraphs and photos, and it seems the photos always create a big space between the lines of text. Is there some type of "wrap" feature? Also, I would like to have some bullet points, but every time I hit return it makes the text look double-spaced. How do I get lines closer together?

1. You can use "float: left" or "float: right" on any images that you want text to wrap around (as you have been doing), but it's a good idea to avoid setting this on other types of boxes because that can cause problems (as you've seen).

2. You can control the spacing between paragraphs by changing the top and/or bottom margin to zero (in the Paragraph Inspector). There are some steps and explanations for how to do this in the Xway tutorial.

3. If you want to break lines so that there isn't a paragraph space between them - so they actually belong to the same paragraph - you can insert a line break (e.g. choose Line Break from the Insert menu or use the shortcut, Control-Return).

4. In future, Xway will add support for different kinds of automatic lists (numbered, bulleted etc.)

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