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I have attempted to include a ‘Spam Free Contact Form’ into a rebuilt Xway site. I can get the Form to appear, but just not where I want it. Does anyone have some experience with this?

Native Xway Forms (unless there is something better) would make publishing a functional site much more viable, and sooner, even at the current stage of Xway development.

A number of HTML, CSS & Javascript options using the CSS Flexbox route have been attempted, but perhaps I am trying to enter the info into the wrong input panels.

Here is ‘one’ Contact Form solution I have attempted to load (I’m open to other or better options);

Spam Free Contact Form without Captchas

Here is where I was focusing my efforts;

I was shooting for the form to place itself inside ‘Main’. Tried all of the options above.
Below is what I was expecting (this is a manufactured Photoshop image);

Examples of what I have been getting.
First example, Contacts fell below the Footer

Second example, Contacts appear above Header

And of course I tried combinations of everything in between. Maybe I just didn’t hit the right combination. Maybe I am in completely the wrong place. Left scratching ny head.

Any hints, suggestions, experience offered would be fantastic.

I don’t know what Softpress’ roadmap out of Beta is, but for my purposes it would be great as it is, but inclusive of a native Spam Free Contact forms and and perhaps a solid plugin framework. Everything else is a bonus. Keep up the good work guys. I love it so far.

Thank you.

I think that the code you have in the JavaScript Markup field should be in Generic Markup for Before <html>. The code you’ve tried putting into various Generic Markup fields should instead be put in a Markup box, available from the Insert menu.

Create a box where you want the form to appear, click on the box to get the insertion cursor in the box, then Insert > Markup. Paste your code and leave Inline turned off.

Thanks Simon! Completely overlooked using ‘markup’ and I had even used ‘markup’ for my dates in the footer. Doh! Your suggestion got the Contact Form into ‘main’ for me. Now I just have to massage the ‘look’ of the form and give it some testing.
Thanks again for the feedback.

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