I currently use SSH keys to connect to hosted git repos so I understand the basic premise and how to generate them etc., at least as far as it applies to remote repos. However, I’m having a problem using them to connect to my server via SFTP (Transmit).

As a test and using the Terminal I can connect to my server manually using ssh -p 22 username@account and when it prompts me for the password I enter it and I’m in. But obviously if I’m using an SSH key I should not be prompted for the password, this is the problem.

I used the host’s instructions for setting up SSH authentication and they confirmed it all looks correct. The .ssh directory is located above the public_html directory as it should be and contains a single file: authorized_keys which contains a reference to my local computer. Also, the local known_hosts file contains the server info so all of that seems correct. The host verified the connection issue is not on their end. They were able to generate their own keys and connect to my server so it’s obviously something local.

I’ve run a couple diagnostic checks from the Terminal and it seems my Mac and the server are obviously communicating but for whatever reason the server is not recognizing the key, hence the password prompt.

I work locally from a non-admin acct. for security purposes, though there is an admin acct. which is where I manage the local server. I get the same result when trying to connect from both accounts. So the big question is what local setting etc. could be causing the connection issue? I’ve gone through the key generation process numerous times and have run out of places to look and things to try.


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