Stupid text spacing question

Yup, it has been more than a minute since last playing with Freeway Pro 7, which one of my most used and favorite apps a few years ago and I sure do miss it.

When I make an HTML box for text, like writing a paragraph, everything seems to be double spaced and I cannot find a way to make it so it appears to be closer together, or single space. What is the trick to this, please?



Hold the Option key down and press the Return key. That inserts a line feed, rather than a paragraph break.

Having a different spacing between paragraphs and line within them is a feature of proper typography.

If the lines you are typing belong together, like the parts of an address or lines of a stanza in a poem, then the option-return is a good choice.

If they are completely different from one another, then there are other ways to style them that might be more semantically correct.

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Thanks Walter! Your example was the very situation, the spacing of an address. Thanks again.