Styling the mobile menu

I need a nav menu to have a transparent background up until the time you click on the hamburger menu. At the moment it still takes on the style of the menu which is transparent so you can’t now read the menu as you can still see the content behind. Is there a way or is there going to be a way to style these two independently.

Hi Martin,

Any background colour that is at least partially transparent will become opaque when the menu switches to a hamburger menu. So you can choose whatever colour you want for the hamburger menu, and create a fully (or partially) transparent equivalent of that colour and set it as the menu’s background colour. If you want a black background colour for the hamburger menu, create a black background colour that has 0% opacity (or some other opacity value) and set this as the background colour.

Note that a background colour that has zero opacity is not the same as a Transparent background colour: if the background colour popup says Transparent, this translates to a CSS value of none (no colour); but if you create a background colour with zero opacity, it will appear to be fully transparent but it will have a colour value that Xway can use to create an opaque equivalent for the hamburger menu.