Table cells - set independent padding or inset

I’m making some call-out boxes for a text heavy site that I can drop into
the main text flow to break-up long passages of copy.

What I need to do is to set cells within the same table to have different
padding values. Some if the cells I might want to set to zero [for a pic]
others might have an indent [for text].

I had hopes for PaulDs recently discussed “Form Element Styler” action would
do the job, but cannot find an option to control the table cells. I could
kludge it by dropping an HTML box with it’s own padding values in the table
cell, but I’d prefer not to.

Best wishes Peter

Peter Tucker, Oxford UK email@hidden

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Hi Peter
there are a couple of ways to add the different padding within cells the first and probably the easiest way is to create a new style and call it something you will recognise easily like imageCellPadding
then click on the extended button click new and type padding as the name and enter the desired padding in the value
so you could have: padding 10px 5px 3px 2px
ok everything and close down the popup windows

now click in your cell so it is highlighted and using the inspector palette click on the T icon and then looking down you should see the Table Cell line with a + icon. Just click on the plus and choose your imageCellPadding style from the list. This will now apply the style just to this cell with the different amounts of padding to each side so that would be 10 for the top, 5 for the right, 3 for the bottom and 2 for the left. You can always add other things like borders too and it will apply a border just for this cell.

all the best max

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