Tables in Webyep

Is there any way to create a table using the Webyep actions where individual rows can be deleted from within the Webyep interface?

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Hi Zac yes you can
there are two way I can think of doing this
the first way would be to to actually create the table structure within a rich text or long text item.
Then when you opened up the webyep interface you could then highlight a whole row and delete it.
You will need to create the css for this to work correctly but it will work.

The other way would be to create a loop of individual webyep items and place them as inline objects, then remove height attribute to the surrounding div.
The result of this would be that div layer containing the webyep item would collapse to nothing if there was no content.

Both of the above sound complicated but in reality they are fairly simple once its shown
What I would need to know is what the finished item would need to look like and then I can quickly build an example based on one of the above solutions
please let me know if you would like me to do an example and if you do could you just quickly show what you would like it to resemble
kind regards max

in fact I can think of a third way but that involves a further action
speak soon max

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