Target Load Frame Action

Type of Action: Page Action (to use it, make sure nothing is selected on the page, go to Page>Page Actions to choose the Action from the list).

What the Action can do
: This Action lets you do the following:
  • It lets you set display a specified page inside a nominated frame of a frameset
This could be used to display information in a small frame at the bottom of the screen to describe each item which the mouse moves over on the page. The ability to load up a whole page into a frameset in response to a rollover or other trigger is an easy way to load up any kind of content—HTML, graphic, multimedia.

However, you should make sure that any pages loaded by the Target Load Frame Action will be fairly quick to download so that the page is responsive. If you trigger the Action using a Sequence Timer make sure that the interval is long enough to allow each page to load and display.

The Action should be applied to the frameset page itself and not one of the pages within it. The easiest way to select the frameset page is to use the Frames palette. If the Frames palette is not displayed, select Frames from the Window menu.

To select the frameset, click on the outer border within the Frames palette as shown in the picture below.

When you have selected the frameset correctly, apply the Action either by going to Page>Page Actions and choosing Target Load Frame. A small Action icon is attached to the frameset page icon in the Site panel - but note that you will not be able to see an Action label as you would do with all other Page Actions.

You can choose from the following options in the Actions palette.

This is the name of the frame which the pages will be loaded into (that is, the target). If there is no frame present in the frameset with that name then the Action will do nothing when triggered.

Target Group:
Sets the name of the group to which the Action responds. Changing this allows you to have different groups of targets that can receive different triggers. You can have a maximum of twenty targets in a group. The default setting is Indigo.

Source 1 … 20:
Each popup can be used to select a page to load into the frame in response to a particular trigger. If a page is selected in a source popup, the target will load the page into the named frame when the trigger of the same number is received. If a source is not set for a particular trigger and the target receives that trigger nothing will happen.