Temporary and Permanent Styles

Freeway has two sorts of styles temporary styles and permanent styles.

styles are created when you change the style of text using the Inspector palette or the styles menu. These styles are created and
named automatically and disappear when no text is using them.

styles are explicitly created by the user. Typically people creating
them give them meaningful names like “Heading”, “BodyText”, “GraphicCaption”. The advantage of this is that if all the headings use a
“Heading” style you can globally update all the headings in your
document by editing the style.

It is possible to convert
temporary styles to permanent styles. Open the styles palette, view the Styles and Colors palette, and Command-click on the style that you wish to change.
The Edit Styles dialog that appears has a checkbox in which you can set the
style to permanent. It also allows you to change the name of the style.

temporary styles, permanent styles and a way of converting between them
permits a very fluid way of working. You can, for example, create a
page, style the text as you find visually appealing using the Inspector
palette, style menu and keyboard shortcuts. Then, later, you can choose
the styles that you used in certain places (for example for the
header), name them and make them permanent and use them else-where in
your document.