Text Cursor in the Page

No doubt many of you have been caught by this nasty, but for those of you who haven’t, try this:

  1. Launch the Freeway 5 Public Beta.
  2. Open a new document with any settings you like.
  3. Draw a graphics box on the page.
  4. Press CMD-E and then pick a graphic you wish to import into your graphics box.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 again so you now have 2 graphics on the page.
  6. Now deselect everything.
  7. Click once in the page but not on your graphics (you will notice the page has a blue border around it now).
  8. Wait 30 seconds (just so you know it’s not a double click).
  9. Click again anywhere on the page (but not on your graphics).
  10. Poof! Your graphics are gone!

Not really. The graphics are still there. But your heart sinks when you think they are gone. And even after you learn they are still there, it upsets you that this happens. (If it doesn’t upset you, you aren’t using Freeway enough!) It hits me a lot when working in the Public Beta. I do it by accident. Then there’s that nasty text cursor in the page again.

This really needs to be made a double-click (in other words, two clicks that are performed within a second or so). If you agree, please sound off about it. SoftPress has clearly released a Public Beta to gather “public feedback” on their new product, so it’s prudent we not disappoint them. :slight_smile:

Don’t hold back!

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