Text Link Style Action broke?

I am having the same issue with Text Link Styles failing to work. I have been playing with this extensively, rewriting and then exporting and reimporting the text from Freeway to Pages and back again. I think this is a bug. Here is what seems to be happening.
-Once the lack of link styles starts to take place, it spreads and corrupts whatever text is in the html box and cannot be corrected. Copying and pasting into a new html box has no effect. If the text does not want to be fully rewritten, it needs to be exported to a word processor and then reimported to a new html box. This seems to break all the links and starts over as a raw text block that can be styled and then re-linked.
-I reintroduced one link at a time [of about 25]. The first link worked fine and outputted properly to browsers. When I applied a BOLD style to the link text it still outputted fine. But as I added the next line of text with a link, the first linked text reacted poorly. It lost it’s underline. When exported to a browser it kept the color assigned, but re-underlined it.
-As more text links were added, the whole text linking choices started to fall apart in the Preview mode, losing first teh non-underlined choice, then loosing hover color, then just not applying any link styles. This was reflected in the browser viewing mode as well.
-So I guess it means that no text-styles, such as bold, can be added to hyperlinked text. Otherwise the Text Link Style fails. I assume this is not intended to occur.

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