The end and a new beginning ?

I was really sad as I noticed a few days ago that Softpress decided to stop software development services forever. I was Freeway user since version 4 and the last major update to create responsive websites appeared to me as a new step towards a future-proof webdesign solution.

Nevertheless, Freeway will be with me definitively in the future, since it has anything needed to create appealing websites.

My hope is that Softpress gets the chance to return into business and Freeway development will continue. Well, we will see.

Maybe (not sure about licensing terms and other legal stuff) it would be a great idea to bring Freeway into open source and turn it into a community project. Since there is no comparable website design software out there, I see good chances that this could be a success. What do you think ?

So finally thanks to the folks at Softpress for many years of support and great solutions.


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