The publishing process

I have a site that is quite heavy with short videos and photos. The process involved to get the updated pages from Xway to my website involves:

  • Publishing
  • Showing the site folder (within Xway)
  • Moving changed contents to a folder I call ‘site for upload’ as my FTP programme can’t see the Xway folder
  • Selecting the updated pages and associated media in the FTP and uploading
    The publishing process alone takes typically 11 minutes, so the whole business is slow and long-winded. I appreciate that eventually it will be possible to upload from within Xway, but in the meantime, is there a way of speeding up the process? If Xway just ‘published’ the changes rather than the whole site it would help.

Hi Geoff,

Publishing just the changes is on our list of things to do.

What FTP program are you using? I haven’t had any problems using Cyberduck to upload from my Site folder.

If I had a site with many videos, I would consider two options:

  1. Inserting them as YouTube videos if you don’t mind putting them on YouTube
  2. Uploading them separately to a “videos” folder in your online Site folder

If you take the second option, you can link to the online videos from within Xway (treating them as external resources). The Resources view allows you to replace local resources (including videos) with external resources, by entering a URL (e.g.


Following up again: how “short” are the short videos, and what is a typical file size?

Also: if you don’t mind sharing your document with us, I’d be interested in taking a look. The document that you sent recently was quite helpful in stress-testing Xway :slight_smile:


having said ‘short’, I’ve realised a couple are around 350mb, though most are well below 100mb. I use FileZilla and Fetch to upload, however, the upload takes little time, it’s Xway’s ‘publish’ that holds things up. It’s often accompanied by the ‘application not responding’ message.
Some of the larger videos are on Youtube and maybe that’s the answer in the short term. 11 minutes to publish a line of text seems excessive, but if that’s being looked at for the future, then I’m happy to wait.
Regarding sharing the document, should I send everything, videos, JPEGs etc? I can use WeTransfer again.

Regarding sharing the document, should I send everything, videos, JPEGs etc? I can use WeTransfer again.

Yes - that would be great!