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What is the best way of shaving down images
without losing quality? Image size? Dpi size? Make into a jpg? What size of

Hmm. More info needed! What the is image for, for starters, and what
kind of image it is. If you’re talking about images for use as
regular graphic objects (i.e. put into graphic boxes) in Freeway then
the normal rule is don’t turn them to JPEGs… leave the
web-optimising to Freeway.

DPI - this is actually “ppi”, to be precise and pedantic! Images have
pixels, printers make dots. Print output is dpi, bitmap images are
always ppi. But that is a very common and subtle slip. :slight_smile: Anyway, it
normally doesn’t matter at all as long as your images are a
reasonable size in the first place. Where are the images from, what
kind are they, what are they for?

Hello Keith,

The images are photographs in regular graphic boxes. They are a mix of jpgs and a few tiffs and have been taken with digital camera. Should I firstly pit them into a different format?

Some of them are as large as 2.5 MB with a pixel width of 2304; pixel height of 3072 width of 32.5cm ad height of 43.3c; res of 180. That’s far too big, isn’t it? What is the optimum size I should be working with?

The problem that I don’t want to happen is that if I alter the size in anyway that they will all change size and position within Freeway afterwards… If I do make them smaller - should I do it by reducing the res but constraining the proportions? And (if left as jpgs) should I leave it turned up to maximum quality (12) for them?

Hope that this helps. Thanks.

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