Thumblie gallery not displaying correctly

Greetings. I am using Exhibeo 2.0.13. I am using the Thumblie and I have always liked it. My problem is that I can’t swipe across the photos and change from one to the other as in Photoswipe. Also the enlarged photo takes up the whole screen, not like before with it taking up half the screen and being able to see the controls. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Jerry,

I’ve moved your post to a new thread, since it’s not related to any changes in 2.0.13.

The problem you’re seeing is happening because one of the JavaScript gallery files has not been uploaded, or cannot be found. Did you upload your site in Freeway?

The JavaScript file is what causes the images to open within an overlay rather than on a new page (as is currently happening).

Thanks Jeremy. First of all I want to tell you that I have been using Freeway for 10 years and I love it. So much that I am using an older 27" iMac for it to run on since it will not work with my 24" iMac M1 chip.
Strange because I had always used the Thumblie with no problems than about 2 years ago it stopped working. I went to Photoswipe but I don’t like it as much.
Regarding your question: I do not use Freeway to upload. I use Fetch. I sort my Site Folder and upload the most recent. Is there a way that I can identify and upload the proper JavaScript so I can get Thumblie to look good again? Thanks Jeremy for any help and thanks for supporting this great tool for me. I wish Xway worked exactly the same way on my new Mac so I did not have to use my old 32bit iMac. Cheers.

The file you need is exibid_thumblie2.js in the Resources folder (inside the Site folder).

The most reliable way to upload your site with a third-party app is to choose File Copy in the popup at the top of Freeway’s Upload dialog and upload (copy) it to a local folder. This will copy the files that are needed (the Site folder can also contain other files that you don’t need to upload). Then use Fetch (or another FTP app) to synchronise this folder with your online folder.

If you prefer to do it manually (as you are doing), look for the most recent files in subfolders (such as the Resources folder) as well as in the root of the Site folder.

Xway can import Exhibeo galleries, and is designed to create flexible websites that will adapt to different screen sizes (phones, tablets, computers). If you’d like to try it out, there are some step-by-step tutorials on our website.

Thanks Jeremy. This helps tremendously. I manage 3 websites in Freeway as a volunteer and I am waiting for that wonderful day when XWay will convert my Freeway sites.